Sunday, 6 April 2014


This is the plarn bag I am making from plastic bags. I try very hard never to take any plastic bags, and I pick up ones that are floating about in the street whenever I can. Its called plarn because its yarn made from plastic, pl + (y)arn = plarn. You can make all sorts of things with it, flipflops for the beach, swimming bags, rope for the garden, mats and rugs, you can knot with it, crotchet it, weave it or macrame it.


I have discovered Zentangling, and this is one of my tangles that I have done in my sketchbook, that I am trying to remember to take with me wherever I go. I cut up the seal of a new cocoa pot to make the filler, and pulled some butterfly stickers off a birthday card, just saying this because its nice to use what you've got already, I really like the idea of making art by recycling. I used a fountain pen to do the tangle, I dont like using felt tips because they are throwaways, and I think we should all try very hard to look after the planet and stop being so wasteful with the earths resources.